Initiation and termination of DNA transfer at F plasmid oriT.

  title={Initiation and termination of DNA transfer at F plasmid oriT.},
  author={Qikang Gao and Yi Luo and Richard C. Deonier},
  journal={Molecular microbiology},
  volume={11 3},
DNA sequences within the F plasmid transfer origin (oriT) were tested for their ability to initiate or terminate conjugal transfer. Mutant and wild-type oriT elements were cloned as direct repetitions flanking the rpsL gene on a pBR322-based plasmid, and the frequency of deletion of this segment during matings sponsored by F'lac (F42) with streptomycin-resistant recipients was measured. Shortened oriT elements that lacked adjacent TraM-binding sites allowed efficient initiation and termination… CONTINUE READING

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