Initial state of matter fields and trans-Planckian physics: Can CMB observations disentangle the two?

  title={Initial state of matter fields and trans-Planckian physics: Can CMB observations disentangle the two?},
  author={L.Sriramkumar and T.Padmanabhan},
The standard, scale-invariant, inflationary perturbation spectrum will be modified if the effects of trans-Planckian physics are incorporated into the dynamics of the matter field in a phenomenological manner, say, by the modification of the dispersion relation. The spectrum also changes if we retain the standard dynamics but modify the initial quantum state of the matter field. We show that, given any spectrum of perturbations, it is possible to choose a class of initial quantum states which can… 

Does Planck actually “see” the Bunch-Davies state?

To what extent can the Planck satellite observations be interpreted as confirmation of the quantum part of the inflationary paradigm? Has it “seen” the Bunch-Davies state? We compare and contrast the

Could PBHs and secondary GWs have originated from squeezed initial states?

Recently, the production of primordial black holes (PBHs) and secondary gravitational waves (GWs) due to enhanced scalar power on small scales have garnered considerable attention in the literature.




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Decoherence and the Appearance of a Classical World in Quantum Theory

In the last decade decoherence has become a very popular topic mainly due to the progress in experimental techniques which allow monitoring of the process of decoherence for single microscopic or

Quantum Fields in Curved Space

This book presents a comprehensive review of the subject of gravitational effects in quantum field theory. Although the treatment is general, special emphasis is given to the Hawking black hole


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