Initial serotonin transport into viable platelets and imipramine binding to platelet membranes

  title={Initial serotonin transport into viable platelets and imipramine binding to platelet membranes},
  author={Marie Luise Rao and Christine Frahnert and O. Zagorski},
  journal={Journal of Neural Transmission},
Summary. Transport of serotonin into human platelets is a paradigm for neuronal reuptake to investigate putatively low neurotransmitter availability in certain psychiatric diseases. However, inconsistent results have been obtained on serotonin binding to platelet membranes at equilibrium and transport during initial phase into isolated platelets. In the present study we applied a rapid oil-centrifugation technique to study 14C-serotonin transport for 15 s into viable human platelets during the… 

Serotonin (5-HT) Transport in Human Platelets is Modulated by Src-Catalysed Tyr-Phosphorylation of the Plasma Membrane Transporter SERT

It was concluded that the Src-mediated SERT Tyr-phosphorylation regulates the 5-HT transport by affecting the neurotransmitter binding sites.

Regulation of Serotonin Transport in Human Platelets by Tyrosine Kinase Syk

It is concluded that, in addition to the phosphorylation of SERT mediated by various other kinases, also that catalyzed by Syk might play an important role in the 5-HT transport, likely favoring the transporter conformation exposing the neurotransmitter binding sites.

Impact of the CYP2D6 ultra-rapid metabolizer genotype on doxepin pharmacokinetics and serotonin in platelets

CYP2D 6 may have an effect on platelet serotonin explained by salvage pathways of 5-methoxytryptamine to serotonin mediated by CYP2D6; however, this finding requires further confirmatory experiments.

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Abou Jamra R, Sircar I, Becker T, Freudenberg-Hua Y, Ohlraun S, Freudenberg J, Brockschmidt F, Schulze TG, Gross M, Spira F, Deschner M, Schmäl C, Maier W, Propping P, Rietschel M, Cichon S, Nöthen



Interrelationship between blood serotonin levels and affinity of platelet imipramine binding sites in healthy subjects.

A significant positive correlation between blood serotonin and the apparent dissociation constant (KD) of the imipramine binding site is observed: the affinity decreased at high blood-serotonin concentrations (Pearson's r = 0.88, p < 0.0001), which is interpreted as serotonin's negative feedback regulation of the platelet imipramsinebinding site.

Correlation of membrane anisotropy with function in subpopulations of human blood platelets *

The findings suggest that the differing functional abilities of the platelet subpopulations are correlated to the various membrane anisotropies observed in these fractions.

Upregulation of the Platelet Serotonin2A Receptor and Low Blood Serotonin in Suicidal Psychiatric Patients

The notion that a reduction in the availability of serotonin and an upregulation of the serotonin2A receptors in psychiatric patients are associated with a loss of control over suicidal impulses is supported.

Imipramine binding in subpopulations of normal human blood platelets.

Results indicate that differences in Kd and Bmax in particular membrane preparation, could be due to the differences in the relative proportion of heavy and light platelets.

Platelet 5-Hydroxytryptamine Transporters

Blood platelets contain two distinct transport systems for serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT), which are coupled to the input of metabolic energy.

Dexamethasone suppression test identifies a subset of elderly depressed patients with reduced platelet serotonin transport and resistance to imipramine inhibition of transport

The results are consistent with the view that depression in the elderly exhibits basic biological differences from depression in earlier life, and that such distinctions may account in part for therapeutic ineffectiveness of antidepressants in specific subgroups, associated with the presence or absence of appropriate HPA regulation.

High affinity binding of [3H]paroxetine and [3H]imipramine to human platelet membranes.