Initial reactions in the oxidation of naphthalene by Pseudomonas putida.

  title={Initial reactions in the oxidation of naphthalene by Pseudomonas putida.},
  author={Alan M. Jeffrey and Herman J. C. Yeh and Donald M. Jerina and Terk Patel and John F. Davey and D T Gibson},
  volume={14 3},
A strain of Pseudomonas putida that can utilize naphthalene as its sole source of carbon and energy was isolated from soil. A mutant strain of this organism, P. putida 119, when grown on glucose in the presence of naphthalene, accumulates optically pure (+)-cis-1(R),2(S)-dihydroxy-1,2-dihydronaphthalene in the culture medium. The cis relative stereochemistry in this molecule was established by nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry. Radiochemical trapping experiments established that this cis… CONTINUE READING
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