Initial events of myelination involve Fyn tyrosine kinase signalling

  title={Initial events of myelination involve Fyn tyrosine kinase signalling},
  author={Hisashi Umemori and Shuzo Satot and Takeshi Yagi and Shinichi Aizawal and Tadashi Yamamoto},
MYELIN is the lipoprotein multimembrane that functions as an insulator preventing the flow of ion currents across the axonal membrane and facilitating the conduction of nerve impulses. It is synthesized by oligodendrocytes in the central nervous system at about the time of birth in mammals1. During the initial stages of myelination, several proteins are phosphorylated on tyrosine. Among these proteins, we identified Fyn tyrosine kinase, one of the non–receptor–type tyrosine kinases of the Src… CONTINUE READING
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