Inhomogeneous transient uniaxial extensional rheometry

  title={Inhomogeneous transient uniaxial extensional rheometry},
  author={Jonathan P. Rothstein and Gareth H. McKinley},
A filament stretching rheometer is used to probe the development of coil-stretch hysteresis transient nonhomogeneous uniaxial elongation of a dilute polymer solution. Laser-Dopp velocimetry measurements are used to measure the steady centerline velocity profile in an e test fluid as it flows towards the throat of a 4:1:4 axisymmetric contraction/expansion over a ra of Deborah numbers. The corresponding time-varying extension rate experienced by a fluid elem as it flows into the contraction is… CONTINUE READING


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Use of an adaptive length scale model in the simulation of flow of a viscoelastic fluid through an axisymmet contraction-expansion,’

  • Y. L. Joo, S. D. Phillips, J. P. Rothstein, G. H. McKinley, R. C. Armstrong, R. A. Brown
  • Society of Rheology 73rd Annual Meeting,
  • 2001

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