Inhibitory effects of Zn2+ on muscle glycolysis and their reversal by histidine.

  title={Inhibitory effects of Zn2+ on muscle glycolysis and their reversal by histidine.},
  author={Toshitaro Ikeda and Kazumoto Kimura and Satoshi Morioka and Nanaya Tamaki},
  journal={Journal of nutritional science and vitaminology},
  volume={26 4},
Of a number of divalent cations investigated, Zn2+ strongly inhibited lactate production from glucose 6-phosphate in rat muscle cytosol fraction. The I50 value for lactate production influenced by Zn2+ was 10 microM and was increased to 200 microM and 18 microM by the addition of 10mM histidine and 10mM carnosine, respectively. The inhibitory effect of 50 microM Zn2+ on lactate production was completely reversed by the addition of 1.2mM histidine and the apparent Km was found to be 0.34mM. The… CONTINUE READING


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