Inhibitory effects of D-glucosamine on the metabolism of embryonal and adult retina of chicken.

  title={Inhibitory effects of D-glucosamine on the metabolism of embryonal and adult retina of chicken.},
  author={Giovanni Tesoriere and Renza Vento and Giuseppe Calvaruso},
  journal={Experimental eye research},
  volume={24 6},
Abstract d -Glucosamine is utilized both in embryonal and adult retina of chicken either by the lactic acid route or by the biosynthetic pathway which leads to UDP- N -acetylhexosamines. The utilization of the aminosugar is more efficient in embryonal than in adult retina. In adult retina d -glucosamine markedly inhibits [ 3 H]leucine incorporation into the acid-insoluble fraction and causes a clear reduction of the ATP level. d -Glucose reverses these glucosamine effects. Also in embryonal… Expand
The inhibitory effect of D-glucosamine on thymidine kinase in chick embryo retinas and HeLa cells
D-Glucosamine markedly inhibits thymidine incorporation into the TCA-insoluble fraction and thymidine kinase activity in HeLa cells. Both the inhibitory effects are also observed in isolated retinasExpand
Effects of D-glucosamine on the UTP pool and on nucleic acid synthesis in embryonal retina of chicken.
D -glucosamine lowers in embryonal retinal of chicken the content of UTP and causes a reduction of RNA synthesis and a reduction in RNA synthesis. Expand
The Walker 256 Breast Cancer Cell- Induced Bone Pain Model in Rats
Details of a recently developed and highly efficient preclinical model of breast cancer induced bone pain: Walker 256 cancer cell-induced bone pain in rats are discussed, which has great potential to aid in the process of drug discovery for treating this intractable pain condition. Expand


Inhibitory effect of D-glucosamine on glycolysis in bovine retina.
It is concluded that D-glucosamine causes a reduction in the lactate production, by inhibiting two enzymes of the glycolytic pathway: glyceraldehyde-3-P dehydrogenase and lactate dehydrogenases. Expand
Inhibitory effect of D-glucosamine and other sugars on the biosynthesis of protein, ribonucleic acid, and deoxyribonucleic acid in normal and neoplastic tissues.
The effect of exogenous glucosamine in vitro on the incorporation of the labeled precursors into normal tissues was much less than that into neoplastic tissues. Expand
Metabolism of glucosamine in bovine retina
Abstract 1. 1. The metabolism of [1-14C]glucosamine had been investigated either in retinal bovine homogenates or in whole retinas. 2. 2. The trichloracetic acid-soluble fractions, obtained fromExpand
Inhibitory effect of D-glucosamine on protein and nucleic acids biosynthesis in bovine retina.
D -Glucose and d -mannose are very effective in reversing the inhibition of protein, RNA and DNA biosynthesis in bovine retina and Uridine reverses partially the glucosamine inhibition ofprotein biosynthesis. Expand
The effect of D-glucosamine on the adenine and uridine nucleotides of sarcoma 180 ascites tumor cells.
Investigation of the effect of d-glucosamine on the metabolism of adenine and uridine nucleotides in Sarcoma 180 ascites tumor cells found no decrease in the intracellular ATP level was observed in ascites cells exposed to glucosamine in the presence of 10 mm glucose. Expand
Changes in uridine nucleotides during liver perfusion with D‐galactosamine
The perfusion of isolated rat livers with galactosamine leads to a strong decrease in several uridine nucleotides (UDPG, UTP, UDP), apparently this is due to a trapping of uridine phosphates by formation of UDP-aminosugars. Expand
Transport and metabolism of glucosamine by cultured Novikoff rat hepatoma cells and effects on nucleotide pools.
It is suggested that transport of glucosamine is a reaction distinct from phosphorylation, as estimated from initial uptake rates, by cultured Novikoff rat hepatoma cells in glucose-free basal medium following normal Michaelis-Menten kinetics. Expand
Inhibitory effect of d-glucosamine and other sugar analogs on the viability and transplantability of ascites tumor cells.
d-Glucosamine has been shown to have a powerful cytotoxic effect on various ascites tumor lines, resulting in a decrease in viability and transplantability of the neoplastic cells, and d-Mannose was the only neutral sugar showing a cytot toxic effect on ascite tumor cells. Expand
Inhibitory effects of D-glucosamine on the growth of Walker 256 carcinosarcoma and on protein, RNA, and DNA synthesis.
The resistance of rats and mice successfully treated with glucosamine to a second syngeneic tumor graft suggests that glucosamines treatment may interfere with the tumor in such a way as to permit the host to respond successfully to the antigenic makeup of the tumor. Expand
Inhibition of induction of rat liver tyrosine aminotransferase by D-galactosamine.
Unlike actinomycin D, injection of galactosamine at various times after injection of dexamethasone does not result in a superinduction of tyrosine aminotransferase, and there is little or no relationship between levels of galactsamine metabolites in the liver and inhibition of enzyme induction. Expand