Inhibitory effect of eriodictyol on IgE/Ag-induced type I hypersensitivity.


Mast cells are the principal effector cells involved in the allergic response, through the release of histamine. We investigated the effect of eriodictyol, derived from the painted maple and yerba santa, on mast cell degranulation and on an allergic response in an animal model. We also investigated its effect on the expression of the ceramide kinase (CERK… (More)



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@article{Yoo2012InhibitoryEO, title={Inhibitory effect of eriodictyol on IgE/Ag-induced type I hypersensitivity.}, author={Jung-Min Yoo and Ji-Hee Kim and Sae-Jin Park and Yeo-Jin Kang and Tack-Joong Kim}, journal={Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry}, year={2012}, volume={76 7}, pages={1285-90} }