Inhibitory effect of GnRH on isolated rat uterine muscle contractility.

  title={Inhibitory effect of GnRH on isolated rat uterine muscle contractility.},
  author={Yara Santos Medeiros and Jo{\~a}o Batista Calixto and Gustavo Ballejo},
  journal={Life sciences},
  volume={42 21},
The effect of GnRH upon uterine contractions of both non-pregnant and pregnant rats was examined in vitro. In the non-pregnant rat uterus, GnRH inhibited in a concentration-and-time dependent manner the contractions induced by acetylcholine and oxytocin, but not those caused by bradykinin and angiotensin II. GnRH also inhibited the rhythmic contractions induced by oxytocin in uterine strips from late pregnant rats. These findings show that GnRH has a direct inhibitory effect on the rat uterine… CONTINUE READING

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