Inhibitory SMADs: potential regulators of ovarian function.

  title={Inhibitory SMADs: potential regulators of ovarian function.},
  author={Qinglei Li},
  journal={Biology of reproduction},
  volume={92 2},
Transforming growth factor beta (TGFB) superfamily signaling regulates essential reproductive functions. Dysregulation of TGFB signaling results in cellular and molecular deficiencies in the ovary, leading to reproductive diseases and cancer development. SMAD proteins are canonical TGFB signaling components consisting of receptor-regulated SMADs (SMAD1/2/3/5/9), a common SMAD (SMAD4), and inhibitory SMADs (SMAD6/7). Inhibitory SMADs are negative regulators of TGFB and bone morphogenetic protein… CONTINUE READING