Inhibitory Monoclonal Antibody against Japanese Radish Acid Phosphatase

  title={Inhibitory Monoclonal Antibody against Japanese Radish Acid Phosphatase},
  author={Ryoji Takata and Makoto Yoshimoto and Takahisa Miyamoto and Jiro Sakamoto and Takahiko Soeda and Shoji Hatano},
Thirty stable hybridoma cell lines secreting monoclonal antibodies specific for Japanese radish acid phosphatase (EC were obtained. These antibodies were inhibitory or stimulatory or had no effect on the enzyme activity. Four antibodies (IgG1 subclass) among them, designated MAb-11, MAb-18, MAb-20, and MAb-30, were purified and partially characterized. MAb-11, MAb-18, and MAb-20 inhibited more than 80% of the enzyme activity and appeared to act as noncompetitive inhibitors. Competitive… CONTINUE READING