Inhibitor development in non-severe haemophilia across Europe.

  title={Inhibitor development in non-severe haemophilia across Europe.},
  author={Kathelijn Fischer and Alfonso Iorio and Riitta Lassila and Flora Peyvandi and Gabriele Calizzani and Alex Gatt and Thierry Lambert and Jerzy Windyga and E. A. Gilman and Robert H. Hollingsworth and Michael Makris},
  journal={Thrombosis and haemostasis},
  volume={114 4},
Evidence about inhibitor formation in non-severe haemophilia and the potential role for clotting factor concentrate type is scant. It was the aim of this study to report inhibitor development in non-severe haemophilia patients enrolled in the European Haemophilia Safety Surveillance (EUHASS) study. Inhibitors are reported quarterly and total treated patients annually. Incidence rates and 95% confidence intervals (95% CI) were calculated according to diagnosis and concentrate used. Between 1-10… CONTINUE READING

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