Inhibition ofEnt-kaurene oxidation by cytokinins

  title={Inhibition ofEnt-kaurene oxidation by cytokinins},
  author={Ronald Charles Coolbaugh},
  journal={Journal of Plant Growth Regulation},
Cytokinins, which have some structural similarities to ancymidol, a plant growth retardant, were tested for their effects on the cell-free oxidation ofent-kaurene. Results indicate that several cytokinins inhibit this reaction in microsomal extracts of liquid endosperm from immature wild cucumber seeds. N6-cyclohexanemethyladenine was the most active (inhibiting 50% of the controlent-kaurene oxidation at 2×10−6 M). N6-isoamyladenine, N6-benzyladenine, N6-(Δ2-isopentenyl)adenine and… CONTINUE READING