Inhibition of type II topoisomerase by fostriecin.

  title={Inhibition of type II topoisomerase by fostriecin.},
  author={Theodore J. Boritzki and T S Wolfard and J. A. Besserer and Robert C. Jackson and David W. Fry},
  journal={Biochemical pharmacology},
  volume={37 21},
Fostriecin is a new antitumor antibiotic which is being developed further as an anticancer agent based on its marked activity in murine leukemias. Its mechanism of action, however, has thus far remained unknown. The present study demonstrates that fostriecin inhibits the catalytic activity of partially purified type II topoisomerase from Ehrlich ascites carcinoma. Under the experimental conditions employed, fostriecin completely inhibited the enzyme at 100 microM. A general kinetic analysis… CONTINUE READING
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