Inhibition of thrombocytopenic petechiae by exogenous serotonin administration.

  title={Inhibition of thrombocytopenic petechiae by exogenous serotonin administration.},
  author={H E Sweetman and David Shepro and Herbert B. Hechtman},
  volume={10 2},
The effect of serotonin on vascular fragility, visible as petechiae, was examined in antiplatelet serum-induced thrombocytopenic hamsters. Serotonin was administered intravenously or intraperitoneally, and following a single injection of 0.5 mg/100 g body weight, a temporary inhibition of petechial formation for approximately 1 h was observed. Repeated serotonin injections maintained animals free of petechiae for the 4-hour period of administration. Plasma levels of serotonin and the effect of… CONTINUE READING