Inhibition of the Discoloration of Polyurethane Foam Caused by Ultraviolet Light

  title={Inhibition of the Discoloration of Polyurethane Foam Caused by Ultraviolet Light},
  author={Craig Valentine and T. A. Craig and Stanley Lee Hager},
  journal={Journal of Cellular Plastics},
  pages={569 - 588}
large percentage of polyurethane foam is produced in a nonApigmented or undyed form. The natural color of the foam immediately after production is white; however, the surface region of the foam begins to discolor and turns yellow over time due to chemical reactions initiated by UV light. This discoloration can cause problems with the perception of the quality of the foam although no actual property degradation has occurred. There are certain end-use applications (such as quilting, pillows, and… 


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