Inhibition of quorum-sensing signals by essential oils.

  title={Inhibition of quorum-sensing signals by essential oils.},
  author={Mira Agnes Szab{\'o} and G. Varga and Judit Hohmann and Zsuzsanna Schelz and Ernő Szegedi and Leonard Amaral and J{\'o}zsef Moln{\'a}r},
  journal={Phytotherapy research : PTR},
  volume={24 5},
The role of quorum sensing (QS) is well known in microbial pathogenicity and antibiotic resistance. QS is responsible for motility, swarming, and biofilm production based on the signal molecules, e.g., acylated homoserine lactones (AHLs) produced by micro-organisms above certain population density. The inhibition of QS may reduce pathogenicity, antibiotic resistance and biofilm formation in systemic and local infections. The homoserine lactones and other transmitters contribute to antibiotic… CONTINUE READING