Inhibition of protein prenylation by metabolites of limonene.

  title={Inhibition of protein prenylation by metabolites of limonene.},
  author={Ian R. Hardcastle and Martin G. Rowlands and Ann Marie Barber and R M Grimshaw and M. Krishna Mohan and Bernard P Nutley and Michael Jarman},
  journal={Biochemical pharmacology},
  volume={57 7},
The monoterpenes limonene and perillyl alcohol are undergoing clinical evaluation in cancer patients. In this paper, we report the chemical synthesis, characterisation, and quantitation in patients' plasma of a novel human metabolite of limonene, which is identified as an isomer of perillic acid. The synthesis of R-perillic acid is also described, because previous reports on the activity of perillic acid against isoprenylation enzymes refer to the S-enantiomer, although it is the R-enantiomer… CONTINUE READING


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