Inhibition of pancreas and gallbladder by pancreatic polypeptide.

  title={Inhibition of pancreas and gallbladder by pancreatic polypeptide.},
  author={Gordon R. Greenberg and Rory F. McCloy and Thomas Edward Adrian and Vinton S. Chadwick and J Hugh Baron and Steven R. Bloom},
  volume={2 8103},
Stimulated pancreatic and biliary outputs were studied in seven healthy subjects during intravenous infusion of bovine pancreatic polypeptide (P.P.) (mean dose 65 pmol/kg/h). P.P. significantly inhibited outputs of trypsin and bilirubin at plasma concentrations similar to those observed after meals. In four cholecystectomised subjects, P.P. inhibited only trypsin output. 

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