Inhibition of p38 MAP kinase as a therapeutic strategy.

  title={Inhibition of p38 MAP kinase as a therapeutic strategy.},
  author={John Cho Lee and Sushil Kumar and Don E. Griswold and David C. Underwood and Bartholomew J Votta and Jerry L. Adams},
  volume={47 2-3},
Since the discovery of p38 MAP kinase in 1994, our understanding of its biology has progressed dramatically. The key advances include (1) identification of p38 MAP kinase homologs and protein kinases that act upstream and downstream from p38 MAP kinase, (2) identification of interesting and potentially important substrates, (3) elucidation of the role of p38 MAP kinase in cellular processes and (4) the establishment of the mechanism by which the pyridinylimidazole p38 MAP kinase inhibitors… CONTINUE READING