Inhibition of melatonin secretion onset by low levels of illumination.

  title={Inhibition of melatonin secretion onset by low levels of illumination.},
  author={John A Trinder and Stuart M. Armstrong and Colm J O'brien and David Luke and Mar{\'i}a J. Mart{\'i}n},
  journal={Journal of sleep research},
  volume={5 2},
Melatonin is a hormone released during darkness under the control of the hypothalamic circadian pacemaker. It has been shown that melatonin is suppressed by light as a function of intensity, with low levels of illumination producing small effects and more intense light greater, but not complete inhibition. The studies which lead to these conclusions administered light subsequent to the secretion pattern being well established. Light as low as 250 lux administered during the normal onset of… CONTINUE READING

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