Inhibition of lymphocyte protease granzyme A by antithrombin III.

  title={Inhibition of lymphocyte protease granzyme A by antithrombin III.},
  author={Dani{\`e}le Masson and Jurg Tschopp},
  journal={Molecular immunology},
  volume={25 12},
T-lymphocytes contain a cytoplasmic granule associated homo-dimeric protease designated granzyme A. Upon T-cell target cell interaction, the granules undergo exocytosis and granzyme A, and other granule constituents, are released. Here we show that granzyme A secreted into plasma is immediately inactivated by antithrombin III. The rate of complex formation is enhanced 400-fold in the presence of heparin. Two different complexes are generated: granzyme A-antithrombin III and granzyme A… CONTINUE READING

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