Inhibition of human factor VIIIa by anti-A2 subunit antibodies.

  title={Inhibition of human factor VIIIa by anti-A2 subunit antibodies.},
  author={Pete Lollar and Ernest T Parker and James E. Curtis and Sam L Helgerson and Leon W. Hoyer and Mary E. Scott and Dorothea H. Scandella},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={93 6},
Human inhibitory alloantibodies and autoantibodies to Factor VIII (FVIII) are usually directed toward the A2 and/or C2 domains of the FVIII molecule. Anti-C2 antibodies block the binding of FVIII to phospholipid, but the mechanism of action of anti-A2 antibodies is not known. We investigated the properties of a patient autoantibody, RC, and a monoclonal antibody, 413, that bind to the region which contains the epitopes of all anti-A2 alloantibodies or autoantibodies studied to date. mAb 413 and… CONTINUE READING


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