Inhibition of centrosome separation after DNA damage: a role for Nek2.

  title={Inhibition of centrosome separation after DNA damage: a role for Nek2.},
  author={Lynda Fletcher and George J. Cerniglia and Erich A. Nigg and Tim J Yend and Ruth J. Muschel},
  journal={Radiation research},
  volume={162 2},
DNA damage results in cell cycle arrest in G2. Centrosomes also separate in G2, raising the question of whether separation occurs during the DNA damage-induced G2 arrest. Nek2, the mammalian homologue of NIMA, is a cell cycle-regulated serine/threonine protein kinase that regulates centrosome separation during G2. Here we show that damaged cells fail to activate Nek2. Both Nek2 levels and activity are reduced after DNA damage. Radiation inhibits the premature centrosome splitting induced by… CONTINUE READING
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