[Inhibition of caries by Na-saccharin].


The inhibition of dental caries by Na-saccharin was studied in an optimized and standardized experiment with cara rats. The animals were given a cariogenic diet ad libitum as well as under controlled frequency feeding conditions. The addition of 0.5% Na-saccharin to the cariogenic diet produced no cariostatic effects. Ancilliary microbiological in vitro and in vivo experiments showed no appreciable bacteriostatic effects on the cariogenic bacteria flora.

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@article{Karle1990InhibitionOC, title={[Inhibition of caries by Na-saccharin].}, author={Elly Karle and F . W . Gehring}, journal={Deutsche zahnärztliche Zeitschrift}, year={1990}, volume={45 5}, pages={282-5} }