Inhibition of aromatase activity by flavonoids.

  title={Inhibition of aromatase activity by flavonoids.},
  author={Hyunyoung Jeong and Young G Shin and In H. Kim and John M Pezzuto},
  journal={Archives of pharmacal research},
  volume={22 3},
In searching for potent cancer chemopreventive agents from synthetic or natural products, 28 randomly selected flavonoids were screened for inhibitory effects against partially purified aromatase prepared from human placenta. Over 50% of the flavonoids significantly inhibited aromatase activity, with greatest activity being demonstrated with apigenin (IC50: 0.9 microg/mL), chrysin (IC50: 1.1 microg/mL), and hesperetin (IC50: 1.0 microg/mL). 

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