Inhibition of Monkeypox virus replication by RNA interference

  title={Inhibition of Monkeypox virus replication by RNA interference},
  author={Abdulnaser Alkhalil and Sarah C. Strand and Eric M Mucker and John W. Huggins and Peter B Jahrling and Sofi M Ibrahim},
  journal={Virology Journal},
  pages={188 - 188}
The Orthopoxvirus genus of Poxviridae family is comprised of several human pathogens, including cowpox (CPXV), Vaccinia (VACV), monkeypox (MPV) and Variola (VARV) viruses. Species of this virus genus cause human diseases with various severities and outcome ranging from mild conditions to death in fulminating cases. Currently, vaccination is the only protective measure against infection with these viruses and no licensed antiviral drug therapy is available. In this study, we investigated the… CONTINUE READING