Inhibition of MDM2 by hsp90 contributes to mutant p53 stabilization.

  title={Inhibition of MDM2 by hsp90 contributes to mutant p53 stabilization.},
  author={Y. N. Peng and Lu Chen and Changping Li and Wenyan Lu and Jun Chen},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={276 44},
Stabilization and overexpression are hallmarks of mutant p53 found in nearly 50% of human tumors. Mutations in the conformation-sensitive core domain of p53 often lead to association with molecular chaperones such as hsp70 and hsp90. Inhibition of hsp90 function accelerates mutant p53 degradation. We recently found that expression of p53 core domain mutants inhibits MDM2 degradation, suggesting that mutant p53 can modulate MDM2 functions. In this report, we show that mutant p53 mediates… CONTINUE READING


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