Inhibition of Hepatitis B virus replication by SAMHD1.

  title={Inhibition of Hepatitis B virus replication by SAMHD1.},
  author={Zhangming Chen and Mengying Zhu and Xiang Pan and Yongji Zhu and Hai Yan and Tongcui Jiang and Yujun Shen and Xiaowan Dong and Nan Zheng and Jinsen Lu and Songcheng Ying and Yuxian Shen},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={450 4},
Sterile alpha motif and HD-domain containing protein 1 (SAMHD1) is a newly identified intracellular antiviral factor. By depleting the dNTPs pool of host cells to a low level that cannot support the efficient synthesis of viral cDNA, it restricts replication of some retroviruses. As a DNA virus, Hepatitis B virus (HBV) experiences a process of reverse transcription in its life cycle akin to that of retroviruses. However, whether SAMHD1 can restrict HBV replication in liver cells is unknown… CONTINUE READING