Inhibition of HIV-1 Integrase gene expression by 10-23 DNAzyme


HIV Integrase (IN) is an enzyme that is responsible for the integration of the proviral genome into the human genome, and this integration step is the first step of the virus hijacking the human cell machinery for its propagation and replication. 10-23 DNAzyme has the potential to suppress gene expressions through sequence-specific mRNA cleavage. We have designed three novel DNAzymes, DIN54, DIN116, and DIN152, against HIV-1 Integrase gene using Mfold software and evaluated them for target site cleavage activity on the in vitro transcribed mRNA. All DNAzymes were tested for its inhibition of expression of HIV Integrase protein in the transiently transfected cell lines. DIN116 and DIN152 inhibited IN-EGFP expression by 80% and 70% respectively.

DOI: 10.1007/s12038-012-9216-4

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