Inhibition of-Glucosidase and-Amylase by Flavonoids

  title={Inhibition of-Glucosidase and-Amylase by Flavonoids},
  author={T Kenjiro and Tsuchida Kouta and Akamatsu and Matsumuira Tomoko and ATSUOKA},
The inhibitory activity of six groups of flavonoids against yeast and rat small intestinal cr-g]ucosidases and porcine pancreatic a-amylase was compared, and chemical structures of flavonoids responsible for the inhibitory activity were evaluated. Yeast a-glucosidase was potently inhibited by the anthocyanidin, isoflavone and flavonol groups with the TCso values less than 15 pM, The fbllowing structures enhanced the inhibitory activity: the unsaturated C ring, 3-OH, 4-CO, the Iinkage of the B… CONTINUE READING


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