Inhibition of Ergosterol Biosynthesis by Etaconazole in Ustilago maydis

  title={Inhibition of Ergosterol Biosynthesis by Etaconazole in Ustilago maydis},
  author={E. Ebert and J. Gaudin and W. Muecke and K. Ramsteiner and C. Vogel and H. F{\"u}hrer},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Naturforschung C},
  pages={28 - 34}
The triazole fungicide etaconazole (CGA64 251) interferes with the ergosterol biosynthesis in Ustilago maydis by inhibiting the C-14 demethylation of the sterol nucleus. During the late log growth phase of U. maydis a novel endogenous sterol metabolite (14α-methyl-ergosta-8,24(28)- dien-3β,6α-diol) was discovered and analyzed, which accumulates under the influence of the fungicide. The structure of this metabolite points to a hydroxylation-dehydration mechanism for the introduction of the… Expand

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