Inhibition of DNA synthesis in human gliomas by roscovitine.

  title={Inhibition of DNA synthesis in human gliomas by roscovitine.},
  author={Juan S Yakisich and J{\"u}rgen Boethius and Ida Lindblom and Lars Wallstedt and V. Ivx00E1n Vargas and {\AA}ke Sid{\'e}n and Marcus Henrique Campino de la Cruz},
  volume={10 12},
The early effect of 1-100 microM roscovitine, a purine analogue and cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, was studied on tissue specimens from eight human malignant gliomas. The tissue was incubated immediately after resection with DMEM containing [3H]methylthymidine plus vehicle alone or the proper concentration of roscovitine for 30-90 min. The DNA synthesis rate was assessed by measurement of [3H]methylthymidine incorporation into trichloroacetic acid insoluble material/mg protein/min. In all… CONTINUE READING

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