Inhibition of AtMYB2 DNA-binding by nitric oxide involves cysteine S-nitrosylation.

  title={Inhibition of AtMYB2 DNA-binding by nitric oxide involves cysteine S-nitrosylation.},
  author={Viviane Isabel Serpa and Javier I Vernal and Lorenzo Lamattina and Erich Grotewold and Ra{\'u}l Oscar Cassia and Hern{\'a}n Terenzi},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={361 4},
Nitric oxide (NO) can influence the transcriptional activity of a wide set of Arabidopsis genes. The aim of the present work was to investigate if NO modifies DNA-binding activity of AtMYB2 (a typical R2R3-MYB from Arabidopsis thaliana), by a posttranslational modification of its conserved Cys53 residue. We cloned a fully active minimal DNA-binding domain of AtMYB2 spanning residues 19-125, hereafter called M2D. In EMSA assays, M2D binds the core binding site 5'-[A]AACC[A]-3'. The NO donors SNP… CONTINUE READING

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