Inhibition of 19S Proteasomal Regulatory Complex Subunit PSMD8 Increases Polyspermy During Porcine Fertilization In Vitro.

  title={Inhibition of 19S Proteasomal Regulatory Complex Subunit PSMD8 Increases Polyspermy During Porcine Fertilization In Vitro.},
  author={Young-Joo Yi and Gaurishankar Manandhar and Miriam Sutovsky and Věra Jon{\'a}kov{\'a} and Chang-Sik Park and Peter Sutovsky},
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Regulation of Sperm Capacitation by the 26S Proteasome: An Emerging New Paradigm in Spermatology1
The studies reviewed here support the involvement of UPS in sperm capacitation and present opportunities for new discoveries, including methods to modulate the sperm proteasome activity during sperm storage and capacitation. Expand
Proteasomal degradation of ubiquitinated proteins in oocyte meiosis and fertilization in mammals
This review focuses on the function of the UPP in regulating oocyte meiotic maturation in mammals, with special attention to its role in chromosome segregation and polar body extrusion, itsrole in the acquisition of meiotic/developmental competence and recent advances in the authors' understanding of theUPP role in fertilization. Expand
Modifications of the 26S proteasome during boar sperm capacitation
Results show that the sperm proteasomes are being modified during sperm capacitation, with PSMD4 subunit found to be post-translationally modified during the course of capacitate, resulting in changes of apparent molecular mass. Expand
Identification and characterization of RING-finger ubiquitin ligase UBR7 in mammalian spermatozoa
Genomic analysis indicated a high degree of evolutionary conservation, remarkably constant purifying selection and conserved testis expression of the UBR7 gene, which provides the first evidence of ubiquitin ligase activity in mammalian spermatozoa and indicate U BR7 involvement in spermiogenesis. Expand
Ubiquitin-activating enzyme (UBA1) is required for sperm capacitation, acrosomal exocytosis and sperm-egg coat penetration during porcine fertilization.
It appears that de novo protein ubiquitination involving UBA1 contributes to sperm capacitation and acrosomal function during fertilization. Expand
Interference with the 19S proteasomal regulatory complex subunit PSMD4 on the sperm surface inhibits sperm-zona pellucida penetration during porcine fertilization
The 19S regulatory complex subunit PSMD4 is involved in the sperm-ZP penetration during fertilization, and the recognition of substrates on the ZP by the 19S proteasomal regulatory complex is essential for the success of porcine/mammalian fertilization in vitro. Expand