Inhibition kinetics of phenol degradation from unstable steady-state data.

  title={Inhibition kinetics of phenol degradation from unstable steady-state data.},
  author={Matt Schroeder and Christian M{\"u}ller and Clemens Posten and W-D. Deckwer and V. Hecht},
  journal={Biotechnology and bioengineering},
  volume={54 6},
Multiplicity of steady states of a continuous culture with an inhibitory substrate was used to estimate kinetic parameters under steady-state conditions. A continuous culture of Pseudomonas cepacia G4, using phenol as the sole source of carbon and energy, was overloaded by increasing the dilution rate above the critical dilution rate. The culture was then stabilized in the inhibitory branch by a proportional controller using the carbon dioxide concentration in the reactor exhaust gas as the… CONTINUE READING

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