Inherited diseases caused by mutations in cathepsin protease genes.


Lysosomal cathepsins are proteolytic enzymes increasingly recognized as prognostic markers and potential therapeutic targets in a variety of diseases. In those conditions, the cathepsins are mostly overexpressed, thereby driving the respective pathogenic processes. Although less known, there are also diseases with a genetic deficiency of cathepsins. In fact… (More)
DOI: 10.1111/febs.13980


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@article{Ketterer2017InheritedDC, title={Inherited diseases caused by mutations in cathepsin protease genes.}, author={Stephanie Ketterer and Alejandro Gomez-Auli and Larissa Elisabeth Hillebrand and Agnese Petrera and Anett Ketscher and Thomas Reinheckel}, journal={The FEBS journal}, year={2017}, volume={284 10}, pages={1437-1454} }