Inherited changes produced by heat-treatment in Drosophila melanogaster

  title={Inherited changes produced by heat-treatment in Drosophila melanogaster},
  author={V. Jollos},
Contribution de l’épigénétique dans les Dauermodifikations et l’évolution adaptative chez le parasite humain Schistosoma mansoni et le corail tropical Pocillopora damicornis
In conclusion, un biologiste allemand du nom de Victor Jollos a mis en evidence that certains phenotypes peuvent etre induits par des conditions environnementales particulieres and persister durant quelques generations en l’absence du stimulus initial avant de disparaitre progressivement. Expand
Victor Jollos (1887-1941)
Victor Jollos studied fruit flies and microorganisms in Europe and the US, and he introduced the concept of Dauermodifikationen in the early 1900s. The concept of Dauermodifikationen refers toExpand
Enhanced plasticity of programmed DNA elimination boosts adaptive potential in suboptimal environments
It is demonstrated that exposure to sub-optimal temperatures impacts PDE efficiency, prompting the emergence of hundreds of alternative DNA splicing variants that dually embody cryptic (germline) variation and de novo induced (somatic) mutations. Expand
Canalization by Selection of de Novo Induced Mutations
This study shows that heat-shock stress produces both phenotypic variants and germline mutations, and suggests an alternative explanation to that of Waddington for the apparent assimilation of an acquired character. Expand
Johannsen in Denmark had developed the pure line method for use in plants in the early 1900 s , and microbiologist
Victor Jollos studied fruit flies and microorganisms in Europe and the US, and he introduced the concept of Dauermodifikationen in the early 1900s. The concept of Dauermodifikationen refers toExpand
3 Developmental Epidemiology
Introducing epidemiology as the study of health and illness in human populations, we discuss what questions modern epidemiology addresses, the key methods it uses, and how these methods can beExpand
Origin and maintenance of sex: the evolutionary joys of self sex
It is argued that syngamy is a modified form of meiosis that maintains ploidy and resets epigenetic signals and is consistent with the origin and maintenance of an adaptive trait, sex, that has been present for approximately two billion years. Expand
Concept Genetic = Heritable ( Genetic = DNA )
Implicit in this, and many other writings, is the equivalence between the term “genetic” and those signals encoded by DNA sequences. How did we get to this peculiar definition of the term “genetic,”Expand


Die experimentelle Auslösung von Mutationen und ihre Bedeutung für das Evolutionsproblem
Diese Feststellung allein ist so wichtig, dab wit an einer sorgf~ltigen Kl~rung des gesamten Fragenkomplexes nicht mehr vorbeikommen, eine Aufgabe, die HAGEN als sein geistiges Erbe Mnterlassen hat. Expand
Weitere Untersuchungen über die experimentelle Auslösung erblicher Veränderungen beiDrosophila melanogaster
  • V. Jollos
  • Biology
  • Zeitschrift für induktive Abstammungs- und Vererbungslehre
  • 2005
Mutationen nach Hitzeeinwirkung in gleicher Weise auftraten wie bei Ausgangsst/~mmen, die durch ein leicht erkennbares rezessives Merkmal oder durch Spontanmutat ionen entstandener Individuen von abweichender genotypischer Beschaffenheit fanden. Expand
Weitere experimentelle Untersuchungen zum Artumbildungsproblem
D i r e k t o r : ERNST STEINMANN. Gesamtzahl der wissenschaftlich Arbeitenden: I6. ger6JJen~liehungen. Im Druck: RSmische Forschungen der B.H. Bd. z I: G. B. PASSERI, Le rite de'pittori, scultori edExpand
Heat Induced Mutations in Drosophila.
  • H. H. Plough, P. T. Ives
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1934
Genic Modifications in Drosophila melanogaster Induced by Heat Irradiation
In order to offer additional information relative to the effect of high temperature on the mutability of D. melanogaster, the authors repeated Goldschmidt's experiments with slight modifications suggested by Jollos, and further information was soughtrelative to the response of variously aged larvae, as well as the adults themselves, when exposed to high temperature. Expand
Somewhat reluctantly and rather from a sense of duty, the great skeptic William Bateson devoted most of this address to the evolutionary aspects of genetic research, destroying much that till lately passed for gospel. Expand
On the Influence of Temperature on the Process of Mutation, with Reference to Goldschmidt's Data
LITERATURE CITED J. R. Cleland and A. Weier 1930, La Cellule, 39, fase. Expand