Inheritance and alteration of genome methylation in F1 hybrid rice.

  title={Inheritance and alteration of genome methylation in F1 hybrid rice.},
  author={Tomoko Takamiya and Saeko Hosobuchi and Tomotsugu Noguchi and Kenji Asai and Eiji Nakamura and Yoshiki Habu and Andrew H. Paterson and Hiroshi Iijima and Y. Murakami and Hisato Okuizumi},
  volume={29 19},
We analyzed the inheritance of DNA methylation in the first filial generation(F1) hybrid of Oryza sativa L. ("Nipponbare"x"Kasalath") by restriction landmark genome scanning (RLGS). Most parental RLGS spots were found in the F1, but eight spots (4%) showed abnormal inheritance: seven of the eight spots were missing in the F1, and one was newly detected in the F1. Here we show demethylation at restriction enzyme sites in the F1. We also found a candidate site of stable heterozygous methylation… CONTINUE READING
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M. Gehring, J. H. Huh, T. F. Hsieh, J. Penterman
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