Inhaled atropine sulfate: dose response characteristics.

  title={Inhaled atropine sulfate: dose response characteristics.},
  author={M J Cavanaugh and David M. Cooper},
  journal={The American review of respiratory disease},
  volume={114 3},
Inhaled atropine sulfate is a bronchodilator in man, but its efficacy and optimal dosage are still unknown. In the current study, the dose-response characteristics of this agent were examined in 20 children with chronic perennial asthma, using maximal expiratory flow-volume curves. Inhaled drug was delivered in incremental doses of 0.005 to 0.1 mg per kg. A peak action of atropine on the maximal flow after exhalation of 50 per cent of the forced vital capacity was seen 1 hour after inhalation… CONTINUE READING

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