Inhalation of Neroli Essential Oil and Its Anxiolytic Effects

  title={Inhalation of Neroli Essential Oil and Its Anxiolytic Effects},
  author={Ying-Ju Chen and Fu-chou Cheng and Ying Shih and Tsong-Min Chang and Ming-Fu Wang and Sen-Sen Lan},
  journal={Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine},
In this study, gerbils were subjected to aromatherapy using inhaled neroli. [] Key Method Comparison was made between the duration time of the forced swimming tasks and total distance, and the duration time in the central and peripheral areas, between the control and neroli-inhaled groups. In addition, treatment with Xanax®, an anxiolytic drug, was used as a positive control. The average duration times for swimming were 228 ± 7, 439 ± 23, 386 ± 21, and 427 ± 18 seconds in the control, neroli-inhaled, and two…

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