Infrequent mutations of Archipelago (hAGO, hCDC4, Fbw7) in primary ovarian cancer.

  title={Infrequent mutations of Archipelago (hAGO, hCDC4, Fbw7) in primary ovarian cancer.},
  author={Eunice Lee Kwak and Kenneth H. Moberg and Doke C. R. Wahrer and Jennifer E. Quinn and Paula M. Gilmore and Colin A. Graham and Iswar K Hariharan and Denis Paul Harkin and Daniel A. Haber and Daphne W Bell},
  journal={Gynecologic oncology},
  volume={98 1},
OBJECTIVE Archipelago (AGO, also known as hCdc4, Fbw7, or Sel-10) is an F-box containing component of the SCF complex implicated in the ubiquitination and proteolysis of cyclin E and c-Myc, and found to be mutated in 16% of endometrial carcinomas. We have previously reported somatic mutations in AGO in 3/10 ovarian cancer cell lines, but the frequency of such mutations in primary ovarian cancer is unknown. METHODS The coding sequence of AGO was analyzed in 95 primary sporadic ovarian tumors… CONTINUE READING
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