Infrasound-induced hemodynamics, ultrastructure, and molecular changes in the rat myocardium.

  title={Infrasound-induced hemodynamics, ultrastructure, and molecular changes in the rat myocardium.},
  author={Zhaohui Pei and Hanfei Sang and Ruiman Li and Pingxi Xiao and Jian-gui He and Zhiqiang Zhuang and Miaozhang Zhu and Jingzao Chen and Hong Ma},
  journal={Environmental toxicology},
  volume={22 2},
Recent interest in adverse effects of infrasound on organisms arises from health concerns. We assessed the association between infrasound exposure of 5 Hz at 130 dB and changes of cardiac ultrastructure and function in rats. Thirty-two Sprague-Dawley rats were randomized into control, 1, 7, and 14 days groups for 2 h of infrasound once daily according to planned schedules. Changes of cardiac ultrastructure, hemodynamics indices, intracellular Ca(2+) concentrations ([Ca(2+)](i)), and… CONTINUE READING


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