Infrared spectroscopy and optical constants of porous amorphous solid water.

  title={Infrared spectroscopy and optical constants of porous amorphous solid water.},
  author={François Cholette and Tykhon S. Zubkov and R Scott Smith and Zdenek Dohn{\'a}lek and Bruce D Kay and Patrick Ayotte},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. B},
  volume={113 13},
Reflection-absorption infrared spectra (RAIRS) of amorphous solid water (ASW) films grown at 20 K on a Pt(111) substrate at various angles (theta(Beam) = 0-85 degrees ) using a molecular beam are reported. They display complex features arising from the interplay between refraction, absorption within the sample, and interference effects between the multiple reflections at the film-substrate and film-vacuum interfaces. Using a simple classical optics model based on Fresnel equations, we obtain… CONTINUE READING

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