Infrared spectral sensitivity of Melanophila acuminata.

  title={Infrared spectral sensitivity of Melanophila acuminata.},
  author={Dominik Hammer and J Seigert and Morley O. Stone and H. Grady Rylander and Ashley J. Welch},
  journal={Journal of insect physiology},
  volume={47 12},
The spectral sensitivity of the pit organ of the beetle Melanophila acuminata (Coleoptera:Buprestidae) was measured using an ultrafast tunable infrared laser source and standard electrophysiological techniques. The pit organ may be classified as a broadband detector as the beetles responded to all infrared excitation wavelengths from 2 to 6&mgr;m. There was a decrease in response threshold and latency and an increase in the magnitude of the response in the region from 2.8 to 3.5&mgr;m, which… CONTINUE READING