Infrared reflectance spectrum of BN calculated from first principles

  title={Infrared reflectance spectrum of BN calculated from first principles},
  author={Yongqing Cai and Litong Zhang and Qingfeng Zeng and Laifei Cheng and Yongdong Xu},
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Abstract Using the linear response theory, vibrational and dielectric properties are calculated for c -BN, w -BN and h -BN. Calculations of the zone-center optical-mode frequencies (including LO–TO splittings) are reported. All optic modes are identified and excellent agreement is found between the theory and experimental results. The static dielectric tensor is decomposed into contributions arising from individual infrared-active phonon modes. It is found that all the structures have a smaller… Expand
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First-principles study of the structural, vibrational, phonon and thermodynamic properties of transition metal carbides TMC (TM = Ti, Zr and Hf)
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Mid-infrared optical properties of pyrolytic boron nitride in the 390–1050 °C temperature range using spectral emissivity measurements
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Continuity of phonon dispersion curves in layered ionic materials.
The coupling of lattice vibrations with macroscopic electric fields in ionic crystals is examined from first principles based on density functional theory and density functional perturbation theory and it is found that apparent ``discontinuities'' and mode ``disappearances'' in the phonon dispersion curves of ionic materials are caused by the directional dependence of the Born effective charge tensor. Expand
Optical indices and transport scattering coefficient of pyrolytic boron nitride: a natural thermal barrier coating for solar shields
Absorption and scattering properties of pyrolytic boron nitride (pBN) have been characterized by infrared spectroscopy. The strong dielectric anisotropy predicted by first principles calculations isExpand


Temperature dependence of infrared-active phonons in CaTiO 3 : A combined spectroscopic and first-principles study
Spectroscopic studies involving dielectric, submillimeter, infrared and Raman measurements were performed on a CaTiO3 single crystal, covering a broad spectral range (static to 10 THz) atExpand
Calculation of ground-state and optical properties of boron nitrides in the hexagonal, cubic, and wurtzite structures.
  • Xu, Ching
  • Materials Science, Medicine
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  • 1991
It is argued that the assessment of the accuracy of the conduction-band states should rely mainly on the reproduction of major structures in the optical-absorption curves rather than on the size of the band gap. Expand
The phonon dispersion of graphite revisited
Abstract We review calculations and measurements of the phonon dispersion relation of graphite. First-principles calculations using density-functional theory are generally in good agreement with theExpand
Ab initio lattice dynamics of BN and AlN: Covalent versus ionic forces
We report first-principles calculations of the structural, lattice-dynamical, and dielectric properties for zinc-blende and wurtzite BN and AlN. The ground-state properties, i.e., the latticeExpand
A low frequency Raman-active vibration of hexagonal boron nitride
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Phonons and related crystal properties from density-functional perturbation theory
This article reviews the current status of lattice-dynamical calculations in crystals, using density-functional perturbation theory, with emphasis on the plane-wave pseudopotential method. SeveralExpand
Raman spectra of AℓN, cubic BN and BP
Abstract Raman spectra of wurtzite AlN and zincblende BN and BP were excited by a He-Ne laser (6328A). The long wavelength Raman lines determined are the following: (i) For A l N A 1 ( TO ) = E 1 (Expand
Practical methods in ab initio lattice dynamics
A popular method of extracting phonon frequencies from ab initio calculations is to find the equilibrium structure of a material and then build up the matrix of force constants by calculating forcesExpand
Optical properties of BN in cubic and layered hexagonal phases
INFM Sezione di Roma-2 and Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita`di Tor Vergata, Via della Ricerca Scientifica 1, I-00133, Rome, Italy~Received 24 January 2001; revised manuscript received 6 April 2001;Expand
Electronic structure of boron nitride single crystals and films
We present a comparison between experimental soft x-ray spectra and density of states calculations of hexagonal boron nitride ($h$-BN) and cubic boron nitride ($c$-BN) single crystals. Cubic boronExpand