Infrared cylindrical cloak in nanosphere dispersed liquid crystal metamaterial.

  title={Infrared cylindrical cloak in nanosphere dispersed liquid crystal metamaterial.},
  author={G Pawlik and Karol Tarnowski and Wiktor Walasik and Antoni Mitus and Iam Choon Khoo},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={37 11},
We present a design of an infrared cylindrical cloak using nanosphere dispersed nematic liquid crystal (NLC) metamaterial following the approach of Smith's group [Science 314, 977 (2006)]. Cloaking conditions require spatial distribution of liquid crystal birefringence with constant extraordinary index of refraction and radially dependent ordinary index of refraction. An approximate analytical formula for the latter is derived. Finite element (FE) simulations confirm the cloaking effect. Owing… CONTINUE READING

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