Infrared and Raman studies of the Verwey transition in magnetite

  title={Infrared and Raman studies of the Verwey transition in magnetite},
  author={Lev Gasparov and David B. Tanner and Daniel Becerra Romero and H. Dennis Drew and Helmuth Berger and Giorgio Margaritondo and L.Forro University of Florida and Usa and Nist and University of Maryland and Epfl and Switzerland.},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We present infrared and Raman measurements of magnetite (Fe3O4). This material is known to undergo a metal-insulator and a structural transition (Verwey transition) at T-V = 120 K. The structural aspect of the Verwey transition is disclosed by the appearance of additional infrared-active and Raman-active phonons. The frequencies of the infrared-active phonons show no significant singularities at the transition whereas their linewidths increase. The frequency and linewidth of the Raman-active… Expand

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