Infragluteal Sulcus: A Combined Histologic and Anatomic Reappraisal


The infragluteal fold is one of the major concerns in reshaping of the gluteal region. This study reevaluated the fold both histologically and anatomically. Five fixed cadavers were used. The infragluteal fold on the right side was explored by dissection, whereas the infragluteal fold of the contralateral side was removed en bloc. Tissue samples (6 cm long × 2 mm thick) were taken at three points from each fold bloc: the most medial point, the middle point, and the most lateral end of the sulcus. Anatomic dissections and histologic examinations showed that the infragluteal fold consists of strong fibrous bands extending from the dermis of the medial one-third of the fold to the ramus of the ischium and sacrum, forming the letter J. The infragluteal fold, which attaches to both the ischium and the sacrum in a continuous fashion, is an anatomic structure in its medial part and only a crease laterally.

DOI: 10.1007/s00266-008-9127-9

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